Casey Comes out in Favor of Iran Deal


Pa. Sen. Bob Casey released a statement today indicating he will support the proposed deal with Iran.

As the date of the pivotal vote for the proposed Iran deal inches closer to the September deadline, Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) has come out in support of it.

In a lengthy statement, Casey outlined several reasons supporting his choice to endorse the deal, which he called “one of the most difficult decisions” of his career.

“To make an informed, reasoned decision on this matter, it is my obligation to consider and assess more than the four corners of the” Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” (JCPOA) he stated. “I have considered the impact of the JCPOA on our national security, the security of Israel and the Middle East and the grave question of war and the related issue of deterrence,” he said.

The agreement, he continued, is the “best option available to us at this time.”

There has been much opposition to the deal in recent weeks as date of the final vote approaches, particularly from the Jewish community.

As the deadline has approached, a number of his constituents have voiced their concerns to Casey about the outlined sanctions against Iran not being strong enough — something he addresses in his statement:

“I respect the views of those who have chosen to oppose this agreement and encourage them to continue the dialogue about the areas of consensus: ensuring Israel’s security, countering Iran’s support for terrorism and interference in regional affairs and working with our allies and partners to address the many conflicts that are causing instability in the Middle East.”

He added that supporting the deal is the “best way to do that.”

In conclusion, he maintained that he is skeptical that Iran will uphold its end of the deal, but added “the Iranian regime should not doubt our capability and willingness to respond swiftly should they attempt to break out and develop a nuclear weapon.”

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