Anne Sherman


Anne Sherman (née Chana Cerebernik), wife of the late Archie Sherman, celebrated her 105th birthday on May 7.

Her life began in Kiev in 1912, and she grew up in Yurovitch with her grandparents until the pogroms became too threatening. With her mother, Esther, and sister, Bess, she escaped to freedom in Canada to join her father, Nathan. Annie met Archie during a trip to Philadelphia and married him on Valentine’s Day in 1941.

In Philadelphia, her family grew to include children Essie, Bill and Karen. Years later, Annie became grandma to Meredith, Jessica, Alex and Hara and great-grandma to Ariel, Salomé, Scheherazade, Octavian and Judd.

Annie is full of beauty, light, wisdom, perseverance, hope, strength, faith, energy, tenderness, laughter and love. She is an inspiration to her friends and family.


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