‘Acey’ Wolgin, 90, Cutting-Edge Arts Patron


Ann (Acey) Wolgin, a patron of the arts and mentor to many up-and-comers in the profession, died at age 90 on Dec. 17.

Ann (Acey) Wolgin, a patron of the arts and mentor to many up-and-comers in the profession, died at age 90 on Dec. 17.
A graduate of the Connecticut College for Women and the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a master’s in biochemistry in 1946, she devoted much of her life to advancement of the visual arts and fostering of young artistic talent.
Wolgin was a founding member of what was then the YM/YWHA of Greater Philadelphia’s Arts Council and chair of its visual arts committee. In that role she became involved with and formed lifelong friendships with such artists of the ’60s as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Cristo, often hosting them in her Philadelphia home.
That home also served on occasion as a studio. The most original piece in the collection owned by her and her husband of 67 years, Dr. Richard Wolgin, was a blank canvas that they had signed by each artist who visited. 
Her involvement in the art community left a lasting mark on Philadelphia as she was involved in developing a site and home for the  Robert Indiana Philadelphia LOVE sculpture, located in LOVE park near City Hall, as well as working with the government to set up a LOVE postage stamp.
Later in life she attended Adelphia College in New York City, where she earned a certificate in non-profit fundraising, which she put to great use in supporting her favored non-profit organizations.
Wolgin developed her art collection over many years, often identifying and promoting relatively unknown artists who would later achieve popular and critical acclaim  She was involved with the Gallery of Sculpture to Wear, which facilitated the creation of her collection of artist jewelry.
During this period she became one of the founders of the Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where she was active in developing the Travel Program. In 1974 she was elected as one of the first women to the museum’s board,where she served as trustee and trustee emeritus for the rest of her life.
 Around the same time she served on the board of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania.
Together, with her husband, she traveled extensively to many exotic locations. In 1990 they moved to Florida, where they became active in the Boca Raton Museum of Art, where her husband served as president. There she organized the Collectors Forum, an auxiliary group that held viewings of private art collections all over the United States and acted as a fundraising entity for acquisitions by the Boca Raton Museum of Art. 
In 2012 she moved back to the Philadelphia area.
In addition to her husband, she  is survived by her children, Richard and Fredi Wolgin; and two grandchildren. 


  1. Hi Fredi
    I’m alittle late, but sorry for the loss of such a wonderful woman. I Remember her from Jeff nursing school

    Every time TKB gets together, we mention all the ‘missing members’. You, Sherri,Laura,Howard,Jane,etc.

    Naran and I are in Maine and just met an aquantance of your folks. He had visited them at the Drake.

    Here is my info, if you ever get this….and want to reconnect with Frannie Kuber, Mindy&Steve, Suzi McNichol, Naran and Me….


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