Letters: Editorial Riles Trump Opponents and Supporters Alike


Dignity, Trump Like Oil and Water
It was written in “Trump for Sale” (Dec. 22) that someone “expected a level of dignity and restraint in how the man seeking the highest office in the land conducts himself.” Sorry, but dignity and restraint are characteristics unknown to Donald Trump.

It was also suggested that “Trump literally promoting himself as a cartoon character just to line his own pockets — seems to go too far.” Really? Trump already went too far many decades ago, as he lied, cheated and deceived his way to the funds of other people — those who made the mistake of trusting him — and others who, either purposefully or unknowingly, “went along for the ride” on the Trump train. His despicable, soon-to-be-clearly-demonstrated illegal behavior has been out there for all to see for his entire life.

Surely, we can’t be noticing just now that he is nothing more than a common criminal, a loser and a weak and fundamentally dishonest lowlife (his words, not mine). Indeed, there is nothing wrong with anyone “trying to make money,” but surely not deceitfully, on the backs of others.

Frank Friedman, Delanco, New Jersey

Why Publish Editorial?
Is there some good reason you published this “Trump for Sale” editorial (Dec. 22)? Does it have to do with any Jewish cause?

I found it to be a most disrespectful and inconsequential piece of writing, no matter where your politics lie. I would not be surprised to be reading it in the National Enquirer in line at the supermarket. Do you think you could find something less partisan to comment on? As much as Trump’s popularity has dropped, it seems as though the people that dislike him cannot get enough of him!

I thought the Exponent under new management was changing. This was an extremely substandard piece of writing, and I hope you did not get any false satisfaction from writing it.

Ellyn Katz-Levy, Bryn Mawr


  1. Frank, I noticed you left out “traitor” in your vicious attack on the most pro-Israeli president in the history of America, but that’s only because that charge was proved a lie after years of being spread by you and your fellow travelers. I also noticed that you never used any facts to back up your diatribe, since there are none to support your emotional rant. The only substance contained in your letter was hate, not only for Trump but also for those who “went along for the ride.” Before you and your fellow zealots stole the wheels off the car, it was a fantastic trip.


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