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Headline Misled
The headline for the comments of Rabbi Boteach (“Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Says Mehmet Oz’s Senate Run Is ‘Tragedy for the Jewish People,’” Sept. 29) indicates the Exponent’s support for the Democrats’ “destroy the opponent” campaign. It is also poor journalism. Nothing in the comments supports the headline that Dr. Oz is a “tragedy for the Jewish people.”

I am an 80-year-old Jewish senior citizen. Since the Democrats have come to power, we have high inflation, a recession, the stock market tanking and high incidents of crime. The Democrats can’t run on their failures. They have to resort to the “destroy the opponent” campaign. I will not be fooled.

This article is just an example of campaigning by personal destruction, and I will not be diverted from the issues that matter.

Myron Goldman, Cheltenham


  1. Myron we agree. That Shmuley Boteach article was emotionalism uber ales. The Rabbi doesn’t like OZ, OK so what? It comes down to as you say, do we want more crime, more debt, more inflation due to unhinged spending and even higher gas and heating oil prices? Look at Fetterman’s positions, cutting prison populations by a third, more spending on the nonsensical :”Green New Deal,” continue the attacks on cops, release criminals as soon as they are arrested so that they can repeat their crimes over and over, and over continue the no drilling ban that has raised gas prices almost to $4.00 per gallon. This election is a save Americans from the radical Democrats, not a personality contest on Dr. Oz.

  2. Steve Heitner pushes the radical Republican agenda pushed by American’s Mainstream Media. We as Jews need to distrust blind allegiance to the Republican party (and Democrat party). Both parties are out for themselves and don’t care about Torah values. This November, we as Jews will vote for Hashem and His mitzvos, and reject all pretenders!


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