Letters: J Street Suspect, Say Something


J Street’s Record Also Suspect
Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom shows chutzpah slamming AIPAC when he represents the anti-Israel J Street (“AIPAC Needs to Rethink Its Strategy Before It Does Any More Damage,” Aug. 25). They call themselves pro-Israel, but that’s a lie. Their record speaks for itself.

I do, however, agree with Rosenbloom that this business of endorsing candidates is extremely unsettling to say the least. Should AIPAC endorse the Squad, Bernie Sanders and all so-called progressive Democrats that holler disproportionately when Israel defends itself? And should it ignore or excuse Palestinian terrorism and support BDS and the Iran deal, as does J Street? I don’t have the answer, but neither does Rosenbloom.

Zachary Margolies, Philadelphia

Substitute J Street for AIPAC
Regarding Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom’s op-ed (“AIPAC Needs to Rethink Its Strategy Before It Does Any More Damage,” Aug. 25), one could substitute “J Street” for “AIPAC” in the same headline.

Rosenbloom, who serves on J Street’s Rabbinic and Cantorial Cabinet, calls out AIPAC for endorsing and fundraising for Republicans in Congress who voted to overturn the 2020 election results, based on the claim that their votes “openly threaten democratic rights and freedoms.”

Yet Rosenbloom is silent regarding his organization’s endorsements of Democrats in Congress who voted for the Iran agreement (the JCPOA). In a rare display of unity, Jewish parties across Israel’s political spectrum opposed the JCPOA because, by providing a legal pathway to Iran’s development of a nuclear arsenal, the agreement constituted an existential threat to the Jewish state.

The likely revival of the JCPOA by President Biden after President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the accord in 2018 is drawing more attention to this threat. Indeed, on Aug. 24, Mossad Director David Barnea referred to the imminent deal as “a strategic disaster” for Israel.

Rosenbloom asserts that, by endorsing candidates who voted to overturn the 2020 election results, “It’s long overdue for AIPAC to think about the group’s actions.” How ironic since, by supporting candidates who voted for an agreement that is an existential threat to Israel, the same could be said about Rosenbloom’s own organization.

Jerry Stern, Merion Station

Editorial Said Nothing
(“The Trump Effect,” Aug. 25) was a pretty useless editorial in the sense that it took no stance about anything.
Is the Exponent afraid to take a stance regarding one of the most dangerous people in America? I thought that was what editorials did. Guess I was wrong. No guts; no glory. Very disappointing.

Frank L. Friedman, Philadelphia


  1. Frank you’re part of a group of people who demand that the Exponent parrot only you’re beliefs in their editorials. Trump isn’t the most dangerous man in America for the people who live here, only for Democrats who fear him. They do so because he is competent in contrast to the “puppet” who is the present occupant of the White House. I’ll repeat the facts: gasoline prices in the upper $3 range, inflation at an almost a 9% yearly increase, an open border with fentanyl flooding across a cartel controlled border and killing over 100,000 Americans, a supply chain fiasco with big shortages of baby formula, crime rising to incredible rates in our cities, Russia attacking Ukraine, China threatening to overrun Taiwan and Israel’s very existence now threatened by another JCPOA agreement, an invasion of the home of a likely Biden opponent in 2024 with a fourth amendment unconstitutional warrant so general that it’s a joke, and a president who caused all these problems doing nothing to solve them. Let me be blunt, Biden is little more than a puppet for the far left who now dominate your party. I don’t like using “the most dangerous man in America” cliché, but it is much more applicable to Biden than it is to Trump.

  2. Oh, Jews! In this month of Elul and repentance, Steve Heitner, Zachary Margolies, and Jerry Stern, all write here as political partisans, pushing their Republican agenda, seeking to divide our community. Please stop putting your faith in the Republicans and Democrats – they are for themselves, and not for Jewish values! They fight and divide our beautiful country and pretend that one side cares more about us as Jews than the other. We as Jews should reject the Republicans and Democrats, and work together, as one unified Jewish community, to support ourselves – not trusting others.


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