Supporting Jewish Communities Globally

Rashit. Courtesy of Getty Images

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is there for communities near and far. From Israel to Ukraine to Ethiopia, the organization is a lifeline of hope and connection for Jewish communities around the world.

Meet Rashit

Rashit is a high school student living in the desert town of Yeruham, Israel. Through Atidim’s Lehavim Drone Program, funded by the Jewish Federation, she is gaining the technical skills to become a drone operator, with the potential of recruitment into an elite army unit of the IDF.

“This program is giving me so much experience and knowledge. I think that anyone that participates receives a tremendous head start in their career and acquires such important skills for succeeding in the modern workforce, he said.

Tatiana. Courtesy of Guy Yechiely, The Jewish Agency for Israel

Meet Tatiana

Tatiana is a 70-year-old Ukrainian woman who neither had a passport nor left the country. Through efforts supported by Jewish Federation dollars, she made a life-changing decision to leave the war-torn country and board a bus with other refugees seeking safety in Budapest.

“Volunteers provided us with hot meals, shelter and warm clothes to protect us from the bitter cold. To see a volunteer, wearing a kippah and greeting me at the Budapest station, is a moment I won’t soon forget. I held his hand tightly and begged for him not to leave me – he told me I was safe now,” she said.

Meet Techelo

The Jewish Federation-funded Operation Zur Israel made it possible for Techelo, his wife and children to be reunited with his father and brothers in Israel after having waited 25 years to make aliyah.

Techelo. Courtesy of JDC

“We, the Jewish people, always have hope. I always prayed that when G-d saw the time was right, he would bring me home to my family,” said Techelo an Ethiopian oleh (immigrant)

Meet Elisheva

Elisheva, a married mother of four, had to close the medicine clinic she owned when the Ministry of Health announced a lockdown during the pandemic. An active community member and donor to many nonprofit organizations, she suddenly found herself a recipient of the services she previously supported. Latet, funded by the Jewish Federation, provided a lifeline during Elisheva’s time of need.

“I was so surprised the first time I got a food box from Latet. All of a sudden, I realized that I had at least a week where I could breathe a little easier,” said Elisheva, a recipient of Latet’s Nutritional Security for Israelis in Need.

Elisheva. Courtesy of Getty Images

Our community is depending on you.

The Jewish Federation’s Campaign Year ends on Aug. 31. Make your gift today by visiting or calling 215-832-3484.


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