Letters: Suspect Editorial


Blank Space Preferred?
Parents of preteens sometimes counsel them to say nothing when they have nothing nice to say. With regard to your editorial “The Trump Wars,” that advice may not be exactly apt, since the editorial said nothing that was either nice or not nice, nor did it say much of anything, if anything, at all. In short, said editorial was 100% vacuous.

So, my advice to you is out of consideration for those to whom you address yourself, when you have nothing of any interest or value to say, say nothing. If you want to advertise that you have nothing worth saying to say, you can make that clear by running a large blank space where a thoughtful editorial might have gone.

Trump’s conduct warrants prison.

M. Louis Offen, Philadelphia


  1. This obsession with destroying Donald Trump never ends and never lessens no matter how much time goes by. You demonize an ex-president simply because he belongs to another party and he is effective in performing his duties which is beyond dumb, and is increasingly looking like pure evil. What was the inflation rate when Trump left office? What was the price of gasoline? How about the crime rate in our cities? Was there a supply chain problem and an inability to find baby food? Was there an invasion of Ukraine and an aggressive China menacing Taiwan’s borders? How about the use of the FBI to invade an ex-president’s home or attacking parents demonstrating for their children’s rights? The left began going after Trump as soon as he won the election, for years pushing the phony Russia scandal, two nonsensical impeachments, a one-sided, biased Jan. 6th commission and now an anti-fourth amendment invasion of his home with a fishing expedition warrant that is so broad that it is little more than a joke.. You found nothing, absolutely nothing, and yet you continue to push the fantasy that he will go to jail. All you’ve done is increase the polarization in the country to the breaking point and convinced the rest of us that you’re fanatics and despots. If Trump is as evil as you say he will lose the 2024 election for president. But you’ll need more than hate to convince us that this is true. You’ll actually need facts and its obvious to me that those facts don’t exist. Biden is a disaster and he will lose in 2024 if he’s even capable of running in two years. Guess who he will lose to if he runs? That’s what this demonization is really all about.

  2. Dear Steve Heitner – The Republican party doesn’t care about you or us as Jews. (The Democrats don’t either, by the way). You’ve been tricked into thinking one side is right and one side wrong, and angrily diatribe to sway us other Jews to your partisan side. Dear Jews – Stay away from both parties! This is the month of Elul for prayer, tzedaka, and tsuva – not for angry political railings and division. We are better than this, and we are better than the unholy Republicans and unholy Democrats.


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