Letters: Lean Troublesome


Rightward Lean Disturbing
I was horrified by multiple opinion pieces in the Aug. 4 paper.

First, an unsigned editorial addressed AIPAC’s investment in the MD-4 primary (“Realpolitik in the MD-4 Primary”) but ignored AIPAC’s other involvements in this year’s elections. In the MI-11 primary, AIPAC attacked Jewish Rep. Andy Levin as anti-Israel because of his support for a two-state solution. In addition, AIPAC has endorsed multiple Republicans who voted on Jan. 6 to overturn the results of the 2020 election, including several who were part of the insurrection.

Next, Yishai Fleisher’s column (“Ben Shapiro and Binary ‘Aliyah’”) referred to Shapiro as a thoughtful individual, ignoring his history of racism and sexism and his support for the Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

Finally, Jonathan Tobin rightly condemned Doug Mastriano for failing to quickly and completely disavow Gab and Andrew Torba (“Mastriano Shows How Not to Defuse an Antisemitism Controversy”). But Tobin used the column to bash Democrats and the left for insisting that racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia have no place in America. He fails to discuss that Mastriano is a Christian nationalist whose goal is to replace democracy in Pennsylvania with Christian theocracy.

Overall, this set of columns give the impression that the Exponent leans far right and is unaware that most Jewish Americans lean left. Very disappointing.

Tamar E. Granor, Elkins Park


  1. The Exponent doesn’t lean right, its history is clear: print both sides of the issues and let the chips fall where they may. Mr. Granor, I agree that most Jews lean left, too far left in my opinion and maybe they might see the truth if they heard other’s thoughts.. The first amendment is the foundation of democracy because it forces the airing of all sides of an issue. That’s called freedom of thought and speech and keeps us free to have all the facts and opinions.


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