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The Left Hijacks the Holocaust
In response to Solomon Stevens’ op-ed (“The Holocaust Is Not a Metaphor,” April 7), what is a glaring omission is his outrage at the left for describing anyone/everyone they disagree with (on the right) as Nazis, fascists and/or white supremacists.

Isn’t that also a “deplorable use of the Holocaust” and “an insult to all the Jews slaughtered as well”? As a reference, every Republican candidate for president has been depicted as a Nazi/Hitler going back to 1968 (Nixon). There are pictures to prove it. It’s too late: The left hijacked the Holocaust for political purposes a long time ago. JE

Henry Steinberger, Warrington


  1. Over and over again, the Jewish Exponent prints negative and divisive letters from partisan Republicans attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with Republican orthodoxy talking points. The Republican Party has been taken over by radical blood thirsty Christians intent on ramming their extremist theology down the throats of all Americans and punishing anyone who doesn’t go along with them. All the Jewish Exponent can do is keep printing letters from Republican agitators attacking and dividing American Jews. We need Jewish unity among Jews who are Republicans and Jews who are Democrats!


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