Goosenberg-Olivieri Martinez

Photo by Scott Goosenberg

Robyn and Rick Goosenberg of Fort Washington and Marisol Olivieri of San Juan, Puerto Rico announce the engagement of their children, Scott Ross Goosenberg and Fátima Olivieri Martinez.

Fátima is the daughter of the late Eric R. Olivieri. She is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Virginia with a master’s of architecture. She is a principal at Philadelphia architecture firm KieranTimberlake.

Scott is a graduate of the University at Buffalo Honors College, with a master of arts in political science from the University of British Columbia and a master of science in security studies from UCL. He is an information technology program manager at Washington, D.C. consulting firm CoAspire.

Sharing in the happiness are grandparents Stanley Goosenberg, Ana Martinez and Jovina Beauchamp and siblings Hallie (Zac Yeni) and David (Hannah Talbot) Goosenberg and Cari and Cindy Olivieri.

Scott is the grandson of the late Miriam Faye, Irving Faye and Pearl Goosenberg. Fátima is granddaughter of the late Mariano Martínez and Edgar Olivieri.



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