Letters: Mischaracterized Bill, Temple Sinai


Op-ed Mischaracterized LGBTQ Bill
I must respond to the March 24 op-ed “Bills Attacking LGBTQ Rights Are an Assault on Jewish Values” by Idit Klein and Is Perlman. I am dismayed by the egregious mischaracterization of the FL Bill 1557, which is called “Parental Rights in Education.” This bill has been irresponsibly dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” in a false narrative perpetuated by a left-wing media. Have the authors of this piece even read the bill? Or is their opinion predicated on taking media talking points at face value?

Nowhere in the bill does it say that the word gay is not to be spoken. The authors assert that somehow this bill marginalizes and attacks a group of people. The bill specifically bans teachers of K-3 students from discussing or teaching about sexuality or gender identity.

As a teacher and parent, I (along with a majority of people polled) have a problem with the idea of teaching about anything related to sexuality to children in third grade or younger, no matter what the context of the sexuality or gender involved. Why is that appropriate in the classroom? That’s a parent’s domain. In no way is supporting this legislation synonymous with attacking any group of people.

Gail Marshall | Yardley

Temple Sinai Deserves the Praise
It was so lovely to see the article about Temple Sinai (“Temple Sinai Remains Steady and Reliable,” March 24). I read it about an hour after returning from my husband’s and my first time in our sanctuary in more than two years.

I have lauded Temple Sinai so often in these past two years. From the time we went into isolation, Temple Sinai rose to the challenge of keeping our community connected.
Every time I attended an event, in person outside the synagogue building or via Zoom, I felt so good about being a part of this community.

This past Shabbat, I listened in person to the sermon from our assistant rabbi, witnessed his and his fiancée’s auf ruf, and celebrated the couple at Temple Sinai’s first kiddush luncheon since the pandemic. I again thought about how fortunate we are to be members of this warm, homey community.

Tali Segal | Fort Washington


  1. Governor Santis’ “Don’t Say Gay Bill” was written and marketed by radicalized Christians pushing their virulent and bigoted hatred for gay Americans who want to turn Florida and the U.S. into a radical Christian Theocracy. These radical Christians play nice with Israel, but disdain Judaism, teaching salvation through Jesus alone. They push Christian Bible teachings in public schools and are a direct threat to all Jews. Elementary school is not the place to teach human sexuality, and let’s not fool ourselves as Jews that these radical extremists want anything less than the salvation of Jewish souls. Gail Marshall should be smarter, and not join this misguided and dangerous effort,


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