Kvetch ‘N Kvell: Sagat Obit Misses, Educator Responds

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Saget Obit Missed Being a Full House

As I perused the Jan. 14 Jewish Exponent, I saw the full-page obituary for Bob Saget (“Local-born Actor, Comedian Bob Saget Dies at 65”). I settled in to read about this beloved actor with local connections, figuring the Exponent would have an exceptional recounting of Saget’s life from local people who had known and loved him.
Boy, was I wrong. I did not know Saget personally, but people I know did. Surely the article would mention he was an Abington High School graduate. Nope. Undoubtedly, it would mention that he was married — to his Abington High sweetheart — at Beth Sholom Congregation, and perhaps that he showed a snippet of his wedding video on “The Tonight Show.”
Certainly, locals who knew him and posted loving tributes to him after his death — such as David Tilman, cantor emeritus of Beth Sholom, and local bandleader Eddie Bruce — would be interviewed. Perhaps a beloved Abington teacher would be tracked down, or some of his crowd from his Abington days, or even the then-student reporter for the Abingtonian whose 1994 interview of Saget made the rounds online after the comedian’s death. Nope, nope and nope again.
All a JE reporter would have had to do is execute a search for “Bob Saget” and “Abington” on social media, and these local tributes, and many more, would have popped up, leading to a more robust homage to one whom this area called its own. JE, you truly were asleep at the wheel for this one.
Tali Joan Segal | Fort Washington
Groner Responds
I am writing to clarify comments that were included in the article about my upcoming retirement (“Perelman Day School Leader to Retire,” Dec. 23), and explicitly recognize the important contributions of our now-retired teachers. I deeply appreciate their many years of hard work and dedication that put Perelman in the strong position I found when I arrived, and paved the way for its continued success.
I have the utmost respect and appreciation for all of the teachers who made Perelman a place where students develop a lifelong love of Judaism while thriving academically. These teachers worked ceaselessly to create a truly warm and vibrant community, one that is cherished by generations of students and parents. I know that I, as well as the teachers today, stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.
Judy Groner | Head of School, Perelman Jewish Day School


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