Kvetch ‘N Kvell: Fate of JWV


Coverage Could Help JWV Membership
I am a Jewish veteran and longstanding proud member of a JWV post in the metro Philadelphia area. Your article in the Nov. 18 issue (“Veterans Deal with Shrinking Post Membership”) left me sad on two levels.

First, as correctly noted throughout the article, our posts, mine included and like those of other veterans’ organizations, are indeed shrinking and struggling to engage more current veterans. The legacy our fathers and forefathers left us in creating these organizations to advocate for veterans — Jewish ones in particular — when discussing JWV, is rapidly declining. This finds its consequence in the public failing to speak up where we need it most and supporting veterans’ programs and needs with legislation and funding.

The second level is the subject matter that the Exponent chose when covering JWV, and the posts in our communities. I, and others have frequently submitted stories and coverage opportunities to the Exponent to little or no avail. There are many positive stories you might have chosen in the past but apparently remained quiet about or considered them a low priority. In the future, you may be more receptive to running positive coverage of post, regional and state JWV programming.

Sanford M. Barth | Newtown Square


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