Kvetch ‘N Kvell: Article Tone, Antisemitism, More


Tone of Article Suspect
I was dismayed by the tone of “Aish Chaim Handles Yom Kippur Service Intruder” (Oct. 7). A woman with obvious mental problems created a scene at the entrance to an outdoor service. I expected the article to praise the security guard’s and police officers’ professionalism in handling the incident without the congregation even noticing, and the rabbi to show concern for the woman’s condition. Instead, the article dwells on antisemitic violence, terrorism and homicides in Philadelphia.

Just one year ago and four miles from Aish Chaim, a mentally ill young man was shot dead by Philadelphia police. A mindset that regards inner-city residents with suspicion and people with mental issues as criminals is dangerous.

Jon Arnon | Merion Station

Antisemitism is the Same as Anti-semitism
Spell it antisemitism or anti-Semitism (“Why Should Jews Be Concerned About Hyphens?”, Sept. 30), but either way it’s like pornography. I know Jew hatred when I see it.

Paul L. Newman | Merion Station

Reorganization Plans Are Pleasing
I was pleased to read the comments made by Michael Balaban about his plans for a reorganization of the Philadelphia Jewish Federation (“Coming Home: An Interview With New Jewish Federation President and CEO Michael Balaban,” Aug. 12).

It was not until I moved to Florida that I realized how important and meaningful a well-run and well-organized Jewish Federation can be to the Jewish community.

Lois Robins Portnoff | Sarasota, Florida


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