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Op-ed an Example of Cancel Culture

I was left aghast when I read the opinion piece penned by Leon Malmud (“Ben and Jerry’s Noxious Fuming,” Aug. 5). In that op-ed, the writer demands that his readers disavow all support for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because of the company’s willingness to “suspend their principles when they get in the way of making money.”

Malmud instructs the reader to rethink decisions around the ice cream one purchases because he takes issue with the purported inconsistency of former owners Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in the realms of social justice and climate change, among many other areas of legitimate global concern.

However, I thought nothing of such things the last time I purchased a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Neither did many of my family and friends from various political stripes. Are we worried about such things in relation to our ice cream? Not quite. Like many of us, they simply enjoy a good serving of ice cream from time to time, independent of the company’s stances on the aforementioned issues.

So why then should we value Malmud’s opinion? I’m not entirely sure of the answer. But I am certain of one thing: The op-ed is yet another unfortunate example of “cancel culture” in today’s society.

Dan Klein | Wayne


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