Why Do I Care?

Ben Kellman

Community members share their connection with the Jewish Federation

Each and every day, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is there to uplift and support our communities, both locally and around the world. We spoke to people about what area of impact of the Jewish Federation means most to them.

Supporting Older Adults

“I really appreciate the work the Jewish Federation does to help local elderly and hungry people. We have been in a loneliness epidemic since well before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Isolation has been a major issue for older adults for many years and providing not only resources, but also company to these individuals makes an enormous difference.”

  • Ben Kellman
Issa Kabeer

Fostering a Vibrant Community

“I deeply care about the Jewish Federation and its values – inclusivity, kindness, and empathy – values I too carry. Fostering a vibrant community and promoting Tikkun Olam (rebuilding the world) are so necessary during these trying times. The Jewish Federation deeply and admirably follows through with these values and, as part of this family, I strive to do the same.”

  • Issa Kabeer
Alex Freedman

Promoting Self-Sufficiency

“I give to the Jewish Federation because I know the importance of its work and how essential it is to so many individuals in our community. My Aunt Jennifer is a resident at the Federation-funded JCHAI apartments, which provides a supportive living community for people with disabilities. This program resonates with me personally, because it has allowed my aunt to live a fulfilled life.”

  • Alex Freedman
Jordan Rosh

Strengthening Jewish Identity

“My identity had been primarily shaped by my experiences as an Asian Jew and by growing up in a family that emphasized Jewish culture and community rather than faith. The Jewish Federation’s Diller Teen Fellows program has broadened and deepened my understanding of the larger context my own identity resides in.”

  • Jordan Rosh
Jeremy Fogel

Uplifting Our Whole Community

“Our Jewish community needs our support! The Jewish Federation is the organization that understands our local needs, from vulnerable populations and support for our seniors to summer camp programs for our children. Using its own programs or by supporting others, the Jewish Federation has the ability to ensure the funding is most impactful throughout our region.”

  • Jeremy Fogel
Mallory Kovit

Encouraging Inclusivity

“As director of Jewish Graduate Student Network, a program of Greater Philly Hillel Network, I am so appreciative that the Jewish Federation supports our work to inclusively connect Jewish college students across all gender identities, sexual orientations, and intersections of the Jewish and LGBTQIA+ communities. We give our students what they need most: community, care, compassion, and the enduring connection to Jewish life and tradition.”

  • Mallory Kovit
Robyn Barrett

Ensuring a Bright Jewish Future

“My mother’s family was fortunate to escape Nazi Germany and I feel that it is my obligation to support Jewish people in need both in USA and in Israel. I trust that the Jewish Federation directs the donations wisely and I am grateful to be able to help.”

  • Robyn Barrett

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