Letters: No Cancellation, Debate Not Define


Israel Will Not Be Canceled
In “Why Do People Call Israel an Apartheid State?” (June 17), much valuable information is given, but this question is not answered succinctly.

The answer to this question is straight forward: An apartheid country is an illegitimate entity and has no right to exist. It must be totally canceled, as if it never had existed. Why now?

Israel has shown that it will respond appropriately when more than 4,000 rockets are fired at it. It will not go gently into the night. Therefore the Jew-haters call upon the world to cancel the Israel that will not be defeated on the battlefield.

The consequence of this hatred of the mere existence of Israel as the state of the Jewish people is documented in the NewsBriefs column. The lead article describes the cancellation of the words, “like Anne Frank” in a new novel, and the simple mention of the name of the state of Israel in another novel. The cancellation of the name of Anne Frank is obvious Holocaust denial, and the cancellation of the name “Israel” is the denial of the existence of the nation of the Jews.

So where are the responses of all our Jewish organizations, including rabbinical seminaries and synagogues, in this war waged by Jew haters?

Steve Feldman, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia chapter of the Zionist Organization of America, in this same issue of the Exponent (“Don’t Wait for War to Defend Israel”) provides one Jewish organization’s shining answer for all of us, and especially for our children. It should be required reading, especially in all Jewish educational programs and institutions.

David Romanoff | Penn Valley

Debate Rather than Define
Instead of debating whether Israel’s specific actions and policies fit the precise definition of apartheid (“Why Do People Call Israel an Apartheid State?”, June 17), we should spend more time debating whether Israel’s specific actions and policies are right or wrong. l

Steve Mendelsohn | Penn Valley


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