Letters: Farewell Roz, Holocaust Education, More


Farewell Homemade Goodies
That was a very nice article about Roz Bratt and the closing of her bakery on Fifth Street called Homemade Goodies by Roz (“Kosher Bakery Owner to Hang it Up After 24 Years, May 27).

I met that nice lady once and found her to be warm and hospitable. I’m not in that neighborhood, but I’m sure she will be missed.

And thanks to Roz Bratt for so generously sharing her Jewish Apple Cake recipe with your readers. Delicious.

Best to Ms. Bratt in her future endeavors.

Mary-Ann Feldman | Philadelphia

No Judaism Without Torah
Rabbi Cherry, I’m one of those Jews who believe that Torah is the Tree of Life for the Jewish people and that, without Torah, there is no Jewish people (“Korach, Racism and Pruning the Tree of Life,” June 10). That’s what I would teach my students.

I would teach my students that God chose the Jewish people as His beloved, and there lies the responsibility that we Jews have to obey His commandments set down in the Torah.

I would teach my students the importance to the Jew of Shabbos, kashrus, the yom tovim and the meaning of the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av.
Let us never retire Torah Judaism.

Zachary Margolies | Philadelphia

Store Owners Need Holocaust Education
The owners of hatWRKS (“Nashville Store Apologizes for Selling ‘Not Vaccinated’ Yellow Jewish Stars,” June 3) should drive two hours to Whitwell, home of the Paper Clips Project, to learn how the required wearing of yellow six-pointed stars morphed into the Nazi slaughter of six million Jewish and five million non-Jewish civilians.

Hopefully the owners will then understand why 6,500 Tennesseans, whom we just memorialized, made the ultimate sacrifice fighting against hate and ignorance as shown by them.

Paul L. Newman | Merion Station


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