Ramps: My New Obsession

Ramps. Photo by Keri White

Ramps are a type of wild onion, a rare and elusive allium that has a short season and is often only available at farmers markets. Ramps taste somewhere between onion and garlic, so they are rather pungent, but oh, my, they are delicious.

I was fortunate enough to score a bouquet of them on Sunday, and I roasted them with a smoked turkey for dinner. They came out with just the right amount of everything — a slight char for crunch, a bit of caramelization for sweetness and a perfect zing of onion/garlic to keep things interesting. They outshined everything else on the table.

If roasting is not to your liking, you can use ramps like you would any leek, scape or scallion — sauté, grill, chop and use it as the base for a sauce or mirepoix. Whatever you do, cherish them, for they are fleeting!

Ramps. Photo by Keri White

Roasted Ramps
Serves 2-4

Ramps can be a bit gritty — best to soak them in a bowl of water and rattle them around a bit to dislodge any lingering dirt.

1 bunch ramps, well rinsed
1 tablespoon oil
½ teaspoon kosher salt

Heat your oven to 375 degrees F.

Uncooked ramps. Photo by Keri White

Line a rimmed baking tray with parchment. Place the ramps in a single layer on the tray and drizzle them with the oil. Toss them around a bit to ensure even coating, and then rearrange them back to a single layer.

Sprinkle the ramps with salt, and roast them for about 30 minutes until they are starting to char. Enjoy!


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