Letters: Bartos Misguided, Book Review Deficient


Bartos’ Pride Misplaced
Why is Jeff Bartos (“Jeff Bartos Announces Bid for US Senate,” March 18) still proud to say that he voted for Donald Trump, an inveterate liar who was impeached twice, reinforced divisions among our people, refused to accept the results of an election that was proven numerous times to be legitimate and used repeated lies to foster an insurrection on our Capitol?

The first time, perhaps, we could excuse a voter for making a mistake. But, twice, after so much had been revealed about this misguided and soulless person? Other than Israel, Trump has treated our allies with disrespect and our countries of concern with undeserved generosity and praise. Surely Bartos knows that there is more to being a good Jew and a good American than supporting the settlements in Israel and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Quite honestly, I felt ill when I read this article. I couldn’t sleep. So, I ask Bartos to reconsider his loyalty to Trump. If he truly wants to help our country fulfill its potential and unite all Americans, he will distance himself from Trump and all of his enablers. This is the time for men and women of integrity, honesty and a genuine understanding and appreciation of who we are to help lead America out of the expanded wilderness that Trump created.

Alexis Gerard Finger | Bala Cynwyd

Co-author’s Anti-Semitism Should Have Been Acknowledged
Jesse Bernstein’s review of the book “Except for Palestine: The Limits of Progressive Politics” (“Reviews: Failed Case, Compelling Treasure Hunt,” March 18) neglects to mention the most crucial fact: Marc Lamont Hill, one of the co-authors, was fired by CNN for his anti-Israel comments before the U.N., and was also condemned by Temple University, whose trustees said that Hill’s comments are “widely perceived as language that threatens the existence of the state of Israel” that “has been used by anti-Israel terror groups.”

Furthermore, the trustees said that Hill’s words were criticized as “virulent anti-Semitism” and “hate speech.” Surely Bernstein should have mentioned that, in addition to being “muddled and confusing,” the cogent fact about the book is that Hill, one of the authors, has reiterated his genocidal call for an end to Israel as the Jewish state a recent interview. The Exponent owes its readers book reviews that provide such critical background to prospective readers.

Stephen A. Shalet | West Chester


  1. Mr. Finger, isn’t it time to stop chewing on the hate-Trump dog bone? Are you uniting Americans by claiming that you can’t excuse someone for voting for Trump twice? Maybe the problem you want to solve is looking back at you in the mirror.


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