Letters to the Editor: Remembering Rabbi Twerski


Twerski Was ‘Astounding’

The first time I heard the name of Abraham Twerski was at a seder in Milwaukee in 1958. One of my first jobs when I graduated from college was in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and living in the Midwest was new to me. A local family did not want me to be alone on Passover and insisted that I go with them to a relative’s seder in Milwaukee. The seder had almost 40 people — relatives, friends and strangers who were far from home.

During the seder, the locals were talking about an Orthodox medical student who was so smart and brilliant that he was astounding the faculty at the medical school — Abraham Twerski. Reading the op-ed in the Exponent by Rabbi Zvi Gluck (“Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski Made Jewish Addiction Work Possible,” Feb. 11) is a reminder of my own experience, and filled in more information about the life and work of Abraham Twerski.

Jerome Leventhal | Silver Spring, Maryland

Democrats Do Support Israel
Lisa Sandler’s letter (“Lifelong Democrat Shares Concerns,” Feb. 11) claims that “Democrats are no supporters of Israel … ” I have no idea how she comes to this gross generalization, but I am a lifelong Democrat, have been a Lower Merion Democratic committeeman, am a founder of Democratic Jewish Outreach PA, a federal PAC, and I am and have been my entire life a strong supporter of the state of Israel. I have purchased Israel bonds, visited relatives in Israel many times, and I’ve raised campaign funds for Sen. Bob Casey and other strong supporters of Israel. Casey, a Democrat, has voted for every military and other aid bill in support of Israel in Congress.

So, Democrats are supporters of Israel, contrary to Sandler’s misguided letter.

David Broida | Bryn Mawr

It Feels Like Proof
“Finding God in Nature After My Dog’s Death” (Feb. 11) was a magnificent piece of writing that brought me to tears. It totally expresses my feelings about how nature is absolute proof there must be some kind of God. l

Sherry Wolkoff | Marlton, New Jersey


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