Evie Dresner Heinz

Photo by Ava Richman

Aliza Richman and Paul Heinz of West Chester  announce the birth of their daughter Evie Dresner Heinz on Nov. 24, 2020.

Sharing in their happiness are grandparents Wendy and Jeffrey Richman of Elkins Park, and Dorothy and Sam Heinz of West Chester, along with great-grandparents Tobe Dresner and Pearl and Edward Richman.

Joining in the celebration are aunt Jamie and uncle Jesse Richman, aunt Ellen and uncle Roger Carman, and uncle John Heinz.

Evie Dresner is named in loving memory of her maternal great-grandfather Arnold Dresner.


  1. I appreciate the Jewish Exponent showing Evie’s birth announcement online and in the newspaper.
    However, two things: why wasn’t the last line included…Arnold Dresner with whom she shares a birthday…90 years to the day….and in the newspaper the whole ‘The Heinz Baby’ red shirt was not displayed.
    Just wondering.


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