Letters to the Editor: Remembering Cantors


Remembering Cantor Wall

When I graduated from Hebrew High at Har Zion Temple in 1962, my class was each asked to sing a portion of the Birkat HaMazon. I cannot sing at all. 

Cantor Isaac Wall (“Longtime Cantor Isaac Wall Dies at 103,” Feb. 11) took me aside and coached me through my section. 

I will always remember his kindness.

Marilyn Halpern | Philadelphia

Remembering Cantor Karpo

Your piece on my beloved Cantor Karpo (“Longtime Cantor Sidney Karpo Dies at 93,” Feb. 4) was amazing.

He was a truly remarkable human being. As a six-time past president of Ner Zedek, I remember arguing with him to sit and chant and not retire. He said that would be against everything he believed in. 

I still can close my eyes and hear him chant Kol Nidre. There was only one Karpo.

And, yes, he taught my son for his bar mitzvah and then performed the wedding ceremony. He and Sylvia danced up a storm that night. 

I had just sent him a birthday card in November and spoke to him on Yom Kippur. 

He will be truly missed. 

Maxine Goldman | Northeast Philadelphia

Protect Us From Iran, Love Israel

I read with interest the excellent opinion column by Penn student Sophia Rodney (“I’m a Student and I’m Afraid of Where My Party Is Headed,” Jan. 28). I totally agree with everything she wrote.

Anyone who believes that the Iranians will tell the truth about anything has their head in the sand. They will lie, cheat and steal to accomplish their goals, one of which is the destruction of Israel. I do not understand the American Jews who do not support Israel. Israel started with nothing and through hard work and brilliance have developed many of the truly great technological and pharmaceutical advances in the world today.

What has been happening on many college campuses is very disheartening. Instead of listening to both sides of an argument, students boycott and prevent speakers they disagree with from talking. Anti-Semitic acts are common. Jewish students are fearful of speaking out against them on some campuses. Students, even misguided Jewish ones, have supported the BDS movement. We are former Philadelphians who live in Florida. We hear about campus anti-Semitic acts from our local ADL chapter.

As I approach my 90th birthday, I hope and pray that the administration in Washington, D.C., comes to its senses and helps protect Israel and the Jews in America from Iran and our homegrown anti-Semites.

Howard Hatoff | Boca Raton, Florida


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