Letters to the Editor: More Responses to Student Piece


Lifelong Democrat Shares Concern
Thank you, thank you, Sophia Rodney (“I’m a Student and I’m Afraid of Where My Party Is Headed,” Jan. 28) and the Jewish Exponent for printing this opinion. I could have written that letter myself, and I wholly agree with everything you said.

As a lifelong Democrat, I have been in increasingly serious disagreement with their platform. Democrats are no supporters of Israel, and I am an ardent Zionist. I have wanted to change my registration to independent, but I can’t do that until Pennsylvania allows independents to vote in primary elections. (Republicans are responsible for this blatant voter suppression.)

“The Squad,” a foursome of blatantly anti-Israel and anti-Jewish members of Congress, is an example of the direction that the Democrats have been going. And don’t anyone tell me that anti-Israel is not anti-Jewish.

The atmosphere on college campuses is atrocious — anti-Jewish and anti-Israel — and dangerous to Jews to be able to freely speak their opinions. The sad irony that a student should accuse Rodney of being “Trumpian” is that Trump supporters will not accept facts and blindly accept everything Trump says, and [the same goes for] anti-Israel and anti-Semites, who only believe what they have been brainwashed with and don’t ever want to hear the whole complicated history. Zionists on campus get shouted down and are not protected.

Lisa Sandler | Pipersville

Voices of Reason Will Win Out
I am a lifelong liberal Democrat and I am worried about the shift of the Democratic Party toward the leftist/progressive voice (“I’m a Student and I’m Afraid of Where My Party Is Headed,” Jan. 28). “The Squad” of Omar, Pressley, AOC and Tlaib in the House and Bernie Sanders in the Senate are making the Democratic Party feel unsafe for Jews who support Jewish right of self-determination (support of Israel).

These people are anti-Zionists and, unfortunately, anti-
Semitic. An alternative is to support the repugnant party of Trumpism but that is not a real alternative. Still, the Democratic Party is the big tent and we, as liberal Democrats, must call out the Jew hatred in the progressive wing. As we know, leftists and the extreme right can agree on one thing — their hatred of the Jews.

My suspicion is that as President Biden shores up the liberal elements in the Democratic Party, the voices of reason and enlightenment principles will win out. There ought to be little support for the anti-democratic, anti-free speech of the leftists except those universities that have adopted loss of intellectual and honest debate.

Neil Sussman | Philadelphia


  1. Why are both of you liberal? How much more government intrusion do you want? why the name calling when others have a different opinion. I was conservative long before Trump. I want a president that puts America first, that defends our borders, that makes us energy independent, that promotes that you are responsible for many things in life, that gets us out of needless wars instead of into them. I understand liberals; you should try to understand conservatives.

  2. Why is the Republican party so repugnant to you Neil? Is it capitalism, or the belief in individual rights and responsibilities, or is it, as Mr. Krauss says the belief that bigger and bigger government will take care of you? History shows that once government reaches a critical size mass, it crushes the individual and anyone who threatens its power or existence. The left has successfully demonized both Republicans and Donald Trump because they can’t beat either of them on their ideas or the results that those ideas have produced. If you believe in freedom of thought, religion and all the basic rights in the constitution, give the Republicans a chance to prove their policies work.


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