Jared Bernstein to Join Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers

Jared Bernstein shown at a White House press briefing as former Vice President Joe Biden’s chief economic adviser on June 8, 2009. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images via JTA.org)

By Gabe Friedman

Economist Jared Bernstein found a Yiddish way to celebrate his appointment to President-elect Joe Biden’s council of economic advisers.

“Thanks for all the support, econ twitter! I’m verklempt! As a CEA member, I’m soooo excited to get to work with my awesome new colleagues in fast pursuit of full employment and a recovery that reaches everyone,” he tweeted Monday, using a Yiddish word that means overcome with joy and emotion.


Bernstein, who is Jewish, was Biden’s chief economic adviser during the Obama administration. He joins a Biden economics team that is being noted for its diversity.

Bernstein has been referred to as a “progressive” economist for his focus on income inequality and opposition to international free trade agreements.


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