Letters: Semantics, Iran Deal


Anti-Semitism an Outdated Term

I suspect that these findings (“AJC Study Shows Lack of Awareness of Anti-Semitism by Non-Jews,” Nov. 5) are because the word is antique and meaningless to many people. They are now more attuned to “racist” and “phobia.”

If the words were “Racist Judaiphobia” or just “Judaiphobia,” it might make more sense to them. It is a small change, but may be worth a try.

Dave Olim | Ambler

Iran Deal Mischaracterized

How unfortunate that the chair of Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania in her op-ed (Joe Biden: For Decency, For Democracy, For America,” Oct. 29) fails to demonstrate an understanding of the Iran nuclear deal of 2015. She notes that, “Biden has stated unequivocally that Iran should never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons … Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal, and now Iran is closer to achieving nuclear weapons capability.”

What is not mentioned is that the Iran nuclear deal of the Obama-Biden administration did not ensure that Iran would never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. By the terms of the deal itself, Iran would be limited to using pathways to a nuclear weapon for only 10-15 years from the date of the agreement in 2015. Five years have already passed since the start of the nuclear deal.

Our president correctly understood that the Iran nuclear deal would allow the development of nuclear weapons by Iran in a very short time in the life of nations and, therefore, correctly ended this very “bad deal.”

Let us hope that an honest recital of the facts will enable us all to decrease the polarization in our country.

David Romanoff | Penn Valley


  1. Mr Romanoff reiterates erroneous public relations claims by Mr Trump’s administration. Under Mr Trump’s presidency, Iran has *increased* its stockpile of supplies to produce nuclear arms. Mr Trump removed the US from the Iran deal but Mr Trump failed to reduce Iran’s manufacturing capabilities. Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s administration continues to support Saudi Arabia and its virulent and radical Wahhabism which is deeply anti Jewish. Despite the public claims, Mr Trump, like Mr Obama before him, will leave office with Iran nearer to nuclear capabilities than when he entered office.

  2. I’d like to respond to Mr. Haskelevich’s comments. He left out a very important fact, namely that Iran is a large and militarily powerful country and is driven by a fanaticism not see since World War 2. Indeed President Trump did not reduce Iran’s manufacturing capabilities, for to do so would have meant a huge attack on it’s facilities and the likely commencement of a major war in the Middle East. Such a War would likely have involved Israel, Egypt and several other countries in the area. What Trump has done is isolate Iran’s economy dropping it’s GDP a negative twenty-seven percent. This has drastically cut Iran’s contributions to it’s proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, and made it unlikely that Iran, with a weakened military, would risk losing a major war. Yes Donald Trump does support Saudi Arabia, regardless of it’s virulent Wahabism, just as we and the British supported the virulent communism of Stalin in order to defeat Hitler in World War 2. The bottom line is the Iranian Mullahs are celebrating what they believe is Donald Trump’s defeat, and the return of a weak and feckless Joe Biden to the White House, as we speak.


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