Dear Miriam | What to Do With Leftover Candy?

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Dear Miriam,

What should I do with my leftover Halloween candy?


Treats for Days

Dear Treats,

I will give you 20 ideas for those leftover sweets, one for each of the 20 electoral votes on the line from Pennsylvania this week.

  1. Bring candy to the polls. Poll workers, who are working 12-14 hour days on Tuesday, will definitely appreciate the pick me up, as will the people waiting in line to cast their ballots.
  2. Eat it Tuesday night while watching election returns.
  3. Decide not to watch election returns on Tuesday because we likely won’t know much that night, and then eat the candy the rest of the week while waiting for results.
  4. Freeze it for a time in the future when having a lot of candy will seem like a novelty.
  5. Bake it into cookies.
  6. Bake it into your challah dough for Shabbat this week. Chocolate will work better than anything gummy.
  7. Arrange M&Ms or anything with a candy shell in a circle around the edge of a plate with a low rim. Add a small amount of water, and watch the colors meld. It’s cool, I promise. Google it for further instructions.
  8. Send a care package to a friend, either by dropping candy off on their doorstep or putting it in the mail.
  9. Save it for dreidel betting. Chanukah’s less than six weeks away.
  10. Eat as much as you want over time until you don’t want it anymore. In my house, the rule is that all remaining Halloween candy gets thrown out while cleaning for Passover.
  11. Make a collage, either out of the wrappers or out of the candy itself.
  12. Melt it into candy soup.
  13. Use the pieces to spell out “2020,” “COVID”, or the name of your candidate of choice. Take pictures and share on social media.
  14. Stress hurl it at the wall.
  15. Experiment with states of matter. Will a frozen Snickers shatter when hit with a hammer? What happens if you try to light Swedish Fish on fire?
  16. Put it back outside where it started with a sign that says “Free.” You’ll either make your neighbors or the squirrels very happy.
  17. Challenge your friends to a candy stacking contest on Zoom. How high do you think you can stack your Reese’s?
  18. Chop it up and use it as mix-ins in ice cream.
  19. Throw it away. It’s not valuable, and there’s no reason you have to find something to do with it.
  20. I don’t actually care what you do with your candy. Just vote.

Be well,



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