Donald Trump: Promises Made, Promises Kept

William Wanger

By William Wanger

Trump has accomplished more in 45 months in office than Biden has in his near half century. I know many cringe at some of Trump’s tweets. I have.

Clearly, the former businessman isn’t a politician. He loves his country and that’s what guides him. He’s not about financial benefit or a hypocritical insider with disdain for our values. Unlike career politician Biden, who, with his family, became a millionaire serving in the D.C. swamp, Trump has forgone millions to serve.

Biden’s policies are a mix of recycled bologna and pie in the sky. He’s sold out so many of his moderate positions taken during his career that his resume resembles Swiss cheese. The Trump presidency is highlighted by “promises made, promises kept.”

Trump’s actions on behalf of Israel are especially noteworthy. He supports Israel, not just because he has an observant Jewish daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan and clarified that Israel’s settlements in Judea and Samaria are legal. Trump stopped payments to UNRWA for its misuse of funds, and cut funding to the Palestinian Authority until it ceases making “pay to slay” payments to terrorist families.

Trump embraces Israel as a strategic ally, rejecting the “daylight” stiff-arm by Obama-Biden. Trump released a bold vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. His leadership led to historic peace agreements by the UAE and Bahrain with Israel.

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley delivered Trump’s powerful message that America won’t tolerate U.N. anti-Israel bias. Haley repudiated UNSC Resolution 2334. Passed with Obama-Biden’s complicity in December 2016, 2334 called East Jerusalem, the site of the Western Wall, “occupied Palestinian territory,” and condemned Jewish “settlements” in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter. Biden’s support of 2334 was reminiscent of his bullying Israel four decades earlier, when he threatened to withhold economic aid if Israel didn’t comply with his demands regarding settlements.

Biden’s poor record on Israel is worse now. Anti-Israel, anti-Semitic activist Linda Sarsour spoke at his Democratic National Convention, along with other Farrakhan friends. His party embraces the warped anti-America, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic remarks of the Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rep. Ayanna Pressley squad.
While Biden welcomes anti-Semites, Trump fights anti-Semitism. A Trump executive order extended Civil Rights Act anti-discrimination protections to Jewish students fighting anti-Semitism on campuses. He signed the JUST Act to strengthen Holocaust restitution efforts and the Never Again Act to fund Holocaust education.

Trump destroyed the ISIS caliphate, and is extricating the U.S. from endless foreign wars favored by the military-industrial complex. He withdrew from Obama-Biden’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal that gave Iran a pathway to nuclear weapons and billions in cash. Trump reinstituted sanctions against Iran, cutting-off its oil exports and denying Iran revenue to fund terrorism. Trump eliminated murderous Qasem Soleimani.

Biden says he’ll rejoin the Iran deal, and resume payments to Iran. Trump withdrew from the job-killing, China-advantaged Paris Climate Accord, and NATO allies now pay billions more on their own defense.

Trump has nominated Supreme Court justices and judges who understand they’re not policymakers. Trump’s tax reform legislation provided relief for 82% of middle-class families. His Opportunity Zones foster government investments to revitalize previously overlooked and underserved communities.

Trump’s regulations roll-back lifted-up American families and businesses. He terminated NAFTA, and signed the U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade deal putting American workers first. While Biden champions open borders without any vetting, Trump champions revamping legal immigration to protect America’s workers and our security. He has made the U.S. energy independent, and the world’s top energy producer and net energy exporter, all while keeping our drinking water and air the cleanest they’ve ever been.

Despite what Biden and Harris now claim, they oppose the fracking and clean coal that have revitalized Pennsylvania’s economy, and supports the Green New Deal that would kill U.S. energy independence.

Obama-Biden shipped jobs overseas and hurt American workers. Pre-COVID-19, Trump brought back American factories and generated nearly a half-million manufacturing jobs. African-American, Latino and Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, veterans, women and youth employment were historically high.

Trump advocates expanded, free market health care for all, where pre-existing conditions are covered. Veterans’ health care now has choice and enhanced quality. Biden wants government-run, single payer health care for all. His tax plan will increase taxes and delay economic recovery. Biden’s for open borders, and giving health care and other benefits to persons entering illegally, pandering to wealthy American hypocrites, bleeding American resources dry and betraying hard-working American families.

Trump took swift action about COVID-19, closing our borders to flights from China and Europe, despite Biden and others calling him xenophobic and racist. In a coordinated operation not seen since World War II, Trump rallied American industry and government to work together rapidly to manufacture and distribute ventilators, personal protection equipment, therapeutics and vaccines.

Democratic governors made bad decisions about COVID-19, and this summer’s riots that killed too many. They and the media wrongly blame Trump, mischaracterizing and misstating facts and putting politics above the American people.

Still, Trump has worked tirelessly for all Americans despite the relentless wrath of Democrats and much of the corrupt political establishment. He’s endured the hostility and dishonesty of the mainstream and social media, including mass censorship by Big Tech.
Sadly, today’s Democratic Party has dangerously tilted anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Trump

is neither. There’s never been a better friend of Israel and the Jewish community in the White House, and a second Trump term will only bring a closer alliance between the U.S. and Israel, and an even stronger U.S. Trump deserves our vote.

William Wanger is chair of the PA/SNJ chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition.


  1. re:

    Mr. Wanger is tragically misguided. Donald Trump does not love his country. He loves nothing but himself. Donald Trump is only interested in his own self enrichment. Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath. Mr. Wanger is no better than the so called conservative Republicans in the Senate using Trump to further their own radical ideological agenda.

    Donald Trump is not only a bankrupt in business he is morally bankrupt as well. He did not give up anything financially to become President. He did it to use the position to further enrich himself at the cost of the American taxpayers and to avoid prosecution by the State of New York. In fact he would actually had been a billionaire if he had simply taken the money his father left him and invested in indexed mutual funds.

    After 72 years Israel should be able to manage its own defense and be independent.

    It is very disappointing that you have chosen to give credence to a position rampant with equivocations and false equivalencies. And as for his criticisms of Joe Biden if he really questions those he should choose to leave the US. Perhaps he would be happier in China or Iran.

  2. It is sad that Bill Wanger’s love for Israel blinds him to the fundamental disaster that Donald Trump has been for the United States. Trump’s promises kept include a retreat from recognizing and dealing with the existential treat of Climate Change, the gutting of the EPA, allowing pollution of our waterways and ground water, destroying our allies trust in our country, bending to the will of the thug Putin and using the powers of the government to benefit himself and his cronies. This election is about the future of the USA. Without the competency and leadership that Biden and Harris will bring, Israel will not be served well. Every President since Harry Truman has supported a strong Israel, and a President Biden will continue this support while restoring the sanity of our fractured society. As an American Jew I say, Trump’s comments after Charlottesville and all the other dog whistles since enabled neo-nazis and other white supremacists. Or have we forgotten The Tree of Life in Pitsburgh? It is in our best interest to vote for Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States.


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