German Auction House Under Fire Again for Selling Hitler Papers

Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, Germany in 1935. (API/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images via

By Gabe Friedman

Less than a year after it spurred widespread Jewish condemnation for selling Nazi memorabilia, a Munich auction house is selling several manuscripts written by Adolf Hitler.

The European Jewish Association blasted Hermann Historica on Tuesday over the several Hitler papers it has on the block for Friday. Many are notes written before infamous speeches the Nazi leader gave in the 1930s.

“It defies logic, decency and humanity for the very same auction house that came under fire less than a year ago for selling disgusting lots of Nazi memorabilia that they should do so again,” Rabbi Menachem Margolin, head of the Brussels-based association, said in a statement. “I cannot get my head around the sheer irresponsibility and insensitivity, in such a febrile climate, of selling items such as the ramblings of the world’s biggest killer of Jews to the highest bidder.”

Last November, the house auctioned 10 items that belonged to Hitler, including a top hat, and other Nazi memorabilia, such as a silver-plated copy of “Mein Kampf” that once belonged to senior Nazi Hermann Goering. A Lebanese-Swiss businessman bought all the items and donated them to Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal, an international organization that raises funds for Israel.

The EJA statement says the organization has since been lobbying European lawmakers to ban the sale of Nazi memorabilia.


  1. Rabbi Menachem Margolin is, just as last year, protesting for a wrong reason: the “authentic” Hitler objects are obvious forgeries. Abdallah Chatila, the Swiss-Lebanese business who spent in 2019 some 600,000 euros in buying the rubbish from the Hermann Historica auction, “to prevent it from falling in the wrong hands”, merely fueled the Hitler forgery industry and inspired the forgers to produce even more sick objects.

    As there’s overwhelming evidence for the fake nature of the objects, these auctions can be stopped effectively by reporting the auctioneers to the police for fraud – because that’s just what they do.

    Confiscating the forged objects will scare the sellers away and will stop the sick trade.


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