Letters to the Editor: The Orthodox Vote


Runyan Wrong on Trump
It is disappointing that Rabbi Joshua Runyan (“Why Trump’s Not Getting This Orthodox Vote: He’s Neither Good for the Jews, Nor for Judaism,” Sept. 10) has not applied the teachings of the Torah and the wisdom of the sages to his analysis of our upcoming election.

The relocation of the U.S. Embassy was authorized in 1995 by the United States Congress. Successive presidents of both parties delayed doing so. The recognition of Israel by the UAE is the first movement of rapprochement in a quarter-century. And these steps are supposed to make the USA more dangerous for Jews?

Four years ago, we began the biggest economic growth from an economy that was undergoing the slowest recovery since the Great Depression. We are now recovering from the worst pandemic in over 100 years with a vaccine months, not years, away.

It is difficult to understand how the rabbi can support a candidate who wants to reinstate millions of U.S. dollars annually to the Palestinians with their “Pay to Slay” government. It is equally difficult to understand how he can vote for a party who honored noted anti-Semite Linda Sarsour by allowing her to speak at their recent national convention. This same candidate wants to rejoin the horrible Iran deal, reopen the Palestinian pseudo-embassy in Washington, and supports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her anti-Israel squad.

It is unfortunate that Runyan does not seem to remember the words of Hillel the Elder, “If I am not for me, who am I?”

Robert M. Rubin | Huntingdon Valley

Rose Wrong on Trump
Binyamin Rose (“Many Orthodox Jews Support President Trump. I’m One of Them — Here’s Why,” Sept. 10) should worry more about the blatant anti-Semitism in this country, which is a direct result of Trump’s unleashing of hatred and bigotry.

Rose should also be more worried about the narcissism that puts thousands of Trump’s followers at risk of contracting and spreading COVOD-19 when urged to attend Trump’s rallies.
Rose should also realize that Trump really does not care about Israel or the Jews. He cares only about himself — currying favor with the Jews and evangelicals is self-serving, as is everything Trump does.

Suzi Gerber | Lafayette Hill

Runyan Overlooks Iran Deal
Joshua Runyan says, “A President Biden would do no harm to Israel.” He already has! It is called the Iran deal.

Biden supported giving $150 billion to the mullahs, providing funds to their terrorist proxies. The arms embargo is about to end, courtesy of the Iran deal. By 2030, the deal sunsets and Iran has the right to build a bomb. Biden wants to restart funding to the Palestinian Authority that would be used to support terrorism against Jews. Biden has a short memory, as he was only blocks away as Taylor Force was being stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist.

Would a President Biden have helped achieve the peace with UAE and Bahrain, and support the other Sunni Arab nations, so more peace deals will be made? I think not. Biden wouldn’t be trusted by them as he still believes the Iran mullahs will change. He refuses to take down terrorists, whether Osama bin Laden or Suleimani. Biden wants to fund UNRWA, which supports schools that teach that Jews are pigs, promoting anti-Semitism. Having already done serious harm, it is time for our Jewish community to look elsewhere.

Ted Harrison | New Hope

Rose Overlooks Moral Defects
In reply to the op-ed by Binyamin Rose, we’re surprised that Rose is willing to overlook these issues:

Donald Trump has stated he knows more than the generals and that he alone can fix our problems; he makes fun of the physically handicapped; said that in the “old days” people who dissented from speakers at political rallies were “carried out in a stretcher”; and said “when you’re a star … you can do anything” you want to women, including “grab them by the p****.”

Rose believes Orthodox Jews need to support “family values.” Does Donald Trump’s behavior reflect family values?

Any so-called breakdown of law and order and actual increase in anti-Semitism are happening during Donald Trump’s presidency and watch.

These are simply a few demonstrations of Trump’s character which require that he be voted out of office. Any of Biden’s flaws are minor in comparison to the much more serious moral defects sadly present in our current president.

Rose’s overarching message seems to be that the Orthodox vote needs to be made for Trump because of Trump’s support for Israel and Jews. Our point is that the vote should be made against Trump because his character is devoid of values that Israel and Jews hold dear.

William and Lynn Thames | Wynnewood


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