Letters: Opposing Views Appreciated, Debated


Opposing Views Appreciated
Congratulations to the Jewish Exponent for publishing the differing views on the presidential election by two members of the Orthodox community in the Sept. 10 edition. Both articles were measured and informative and laid out the authors’ perceptions of where each candidate stood in relation to issues affecting the Jewish-American community. They did this without branding people with differing views as racists, socialists or Jew-haters.

Regardless of how people feel about the personalities of the presidential candidates, the likelihood is that the victorious party will bring both benefits and difficulties for our community. These articles help us to see what they are. It would be nice if the national media could achieve this.

Saul Axelrod | Elkins Park

President’s Support of Israel Paramount
Rabbi Josh Runyan’s op-ed (“Why Trump’s Not Getting This Orthodox Vote: He’s Neither Good for the Jews, Nor for Judaism,” Sept. 10) could be characterized in many ways requiring a lengthy and particularized examination and discussion which, unfortunately, is impossible in the space constraints here.

Suffice it to say that said presentation clearly demonstrates the naiveté of the writer. While I agree that Trump is imperfect, his actions in support of Israel speak for themselves. No president in history has done more, or even as much, as Trump. And, for that matter, who can be touted in human affairs as being “perfect.” Democratic rejection of Trump from the inception of his presidency is largely responsible for the divisiveness we experience in the country today.

Moreover, Runyan’s allusions to the benefits of a Biden presidency are illusory. Biden, having been in government for 47 years, has now aligned himself with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which includes those who have expressed their hate for Jews and Israel.

Certainly, such a state of affairs does not augur well for Jewish Americans or Israel. Frankly, it does not augur well for America, either. Furthermore, despite his longevity in government, Biden has little accomplishment to point out in his behalf. Therefore, on balance, Trump should be reelected to a second term.

Arthur Solomon Safir | Warwick

More Than Just Israel
Rabbi Binyamin Rose’s op-ed in support of Trump (“Many Orthodox Jews Support President Trump. I’m One of Them – Here’s Why,” Sept. 10) was disappointing. He mostly offers a generic summary of why Orthodox Jews support him. His most heartfelt support actually seems to be for Biden who he knew personally and knows not to be “a reckless socialist.”

But what really got me was his mentioning of Jared Kushner’s father, Charlie, who he knew from high school. He likes the Kushners because of their strong support for Israel and Jewish causes. What he fails to mention is that Charlie Kushner went to jail for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.

So, is the message here that we only care that someone supports Israel? We don’t care about anything else? That’s not Judaism as I know it.

Nancy Osborn | Elkins Park


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