Letters: Jews’ Role in Racial Justice


Jews Played Key Role in Seeking Racial Justice
In its dispute with the racism of the NAACP (“NAACP Head Creates Uproar by Sharing Anti-Semitic Images,” July 30), Jewish Federation should publicize the role that Jews have played in the fight for racial justice.

Jews marched with Dr. King and John Lewis at the Pettis Bridge, and the other marches of the ’60s. Two of three young men who were assassinated in Mississippi in the ’60s were Jewish. We helped found the NAACP. We are marching in the current BLM demonstrations. Jewish Federation’s archivist can fill in the details and cite numerous other examples.

It is important that African Americans understand that we are and have been their friends, and we must fight the fight against discrimination together. It is not enough to urge Rodney Muhammad’s resignation; his replacement may be equally uninformed and racist. We need the membership to understand that Muhammad is racist and uninformed and that our interests are aligned.

David C. Harrison | Philadelphia


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