Israel’s 2020 Eurovision Contest Song Features Verses in Four Languages

Eden Alene
Eden Alene will sing “Feker Libi” in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, where she will represent Israel. (Video Screenshot)

By Philissa Cramer / JTA

We knew who would be representing Israel in the annual Eurovision Song Contest, but we didn’t know what Eden Alene would be singing — until now.

The Ethiopian-Israeli singer will perform a new song, “Feker Libi,” in the contest, which an Israeli last won in 2018. The title means “The Love of My Heart” in Amharic, an Ethiopian language, and also features verses in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Israel hosted last year’s song contest, which was won by the Netherlands entrant. This year, the Dutch city of Rotterdam is hosting the May contest.

But the coronavirus epidemic could put the event in jeopardy: Israel’s Health Ministry has just barred organizations from international conferences, and no one knows how long the restrictions will be in effect.

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