Perelman Students Present Poetry


On Jan. 27, Perelman Jewish Day School fifth-graders at the Stern Center gathered to watch a livestream of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. After the commemoration, students were encouraged to reflect on the Shoah. Two students, Eli Hocking and Maurice Kanter, wrote poems to accompany the online version of these photos.

“A Sad Story”

By Eli Hocking, 5th Grade

Their faces are streaked with mud

Their heads are bald and round

They’re flowers without a bud

They’re cold upon the ground

The chambers of despair

The silent voices’ song

The place that gives no care

The gates are big and long

Their eyes are so, so dark

They’re waiting to be free

They’re like a caged-in shark

There for eternity

“Six Rows – A Commemoration of the Holocaust”

By Maurice Kanter, 5th Grade

Six rows, millions in each So many thoughts out of reach 

The first row tall and in gear, for the ones who fought brave without fear 

A second row for the ones who died young, so much to know a song that remains unsung 

A third row for innovation beyond belief, so many died without a feeling of grief 

A fourth row for the family and friends, separated but still together with different ends 

A fifth row for the Jews as they rest, so many gone when trying their best 

A sixth row for one single person the cause of this pain, as all the others look, a single man stands by six rows, six rows all but the same. 


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