Jews of Philly Fashion: Jackie Green

Jackie Green with some of her Dye It Pepper clothes
Jackie Green with some of her Dye It Pepper clothes (Photo by Jackie Green)

It’s the newest edition of Jews of Philly Fashion, introducing you to the Chosen few who dress our city. They might mix wool and linen, but they’ve got some strong opinions on mixing stripes with florals. In this space, we’ll talk to designers, sellers, buyers, influencers, models and more. This week, we spoke to Jackie Green.

Peruse Jackie Green’s website — Pepper being her maiden name, and “dye it” referring to the custom tie-dye wares she sells — and a certain aesthetic coherence emerges, one that might be hard to immediately place. But look closer: The wild, eye-catching colors of the tie-dye sweaters, dresses, T-shirts and more evoke nothing less than the Jewish summer camps of Green’s youth. Southampton Summer Day Camp. Camp Green Lane. Camp Saginaw. Camp Kweebec.

“That made me feel comfortable in experimenting with tie-dye,” she said.

Green, 36, started Dye It Pepper in 2019 out of a studio in Port Richmond. The Temple University graduate had previously worked as an assistant accessories buyer for Urban Outfitters, but felt ready to take on her own creative projects again. After all, one of the things that landed her at Urban Outfitters in the first place was the success of her headband designs, fashioned out of vintage scarves.

Green credits her mother’s “eclectic style” for her interest in vintage clothing, and hopes to see Dye It Pepper clothing in brick-and-mortar stores in the future. Don’t bet against it; until recently, she was selling exclusively via Instagram DM. Who knows what’s next?

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

The first tie-dye college sweatshirt I ever made. It’s a vintage Penn State sweatshirt with inside-out rainbow sleeves.

What clothing trend would you like to see make a comeback?

Suede fringe. It is already making a comeback, but I am very excited about it.

And what trend are you content to leave in the past?

Babydoll dresses and patent leather.

What’s something you can’t believe you used to wear?

Low-waisted jeans.

Is there a current fashion trend that you detest?

A floral ruffle prairie dress.

What would you be doing if you weren’t selling clothing?

I love to create, so I would be doing something creative. Some kind of costume design — I love creating unique costumes for my family for Halloween. Or something in event planning, because I love to set a mood and I am a big people person. I love seeing everyone having a good time during an event that I’ve planned.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

“Miss Congeniality.”

Is there ever a good reason for a fashion-forward person to wear cargo shorts?

Yes! R13 cargo shorts are cool. There are no blanket rules in fashion — never say never.

What’s the most likely result for the 76ers this year?

Oh man, now that Ben Simmons is out? They’re going to do great, as long as the rest of their games are at home.

What item of clothing should more people be wearing?

Tie-dye, duh! And more color. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

What person’s style do you admire?

Kelly Wearstler, Pamela Tick, Jane Albiter and Caroline McGuire. I like someone who can put some crazy things together and pull it off.

What talent would you most like to have?

I would love to be able to sing.

What’s the best restaurant in your hometown?

Oh, that’s a tough one. It’s so hard because the food in Philly is so good. Pizza is Tacconelli’s. Best Milan salad is from Villa di Roma. Favorite date night with my husband is Trattoria Carina.

What is your most defining characteristic?

The word “bubbly” comes to my mind. I am a happy and welcoming person who tries to make sure everyone around me always feels comfortable and happy, too.; 215-832-0740

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