Man Shouted Anti-Semitic Comments Inside House of Kosher

Walking into House of Kosher | Marissa Stern

The Philadelphia Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating an incident from Jan. 26 where a man was reported to have allegedly shouted anti-Semitic comments inside the House of Kosher market in Northeast Philadelphia, according to FOX 29.

Sources told FOX that an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer driver was parked in the lot for an extended amount of time before the driver walked into the market and began shouting anti-Semitic comments. The incident was caught on video by surveillance cameras and a witness was able to get a tag number off the truck.

“Ridiculous, it’s just disgusting,” Sylvia Royzin said to FOX. “We left the Soviet Union 40 years ago because of this problem.”

The incident comes less than two months after the shooting inside the JC Kosher Market in Jersey City, New Jersey. The attack left a total of six people dead, including the two attackers.

While there were no reported injuries at the House of Kosher incident, Shira Goodman, regional director of ADL of Philadelphia, still urges caution. She said her organization has been in contact with law enforcement and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia in regard to the incident.

“As we’ve seen recently, kosher markets and other Jewish institutions have been targets for hate-motivated intimidation and violence, and we have to take them extremely seriously,” Goodman said. “We believe the police are on top of this, that there is not an imminent threat.”

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  1. He might be associated with struggling ACME Markets up Bustleton Avenue, which has lost a lot of business recently; and according to Wall Street Journal is probably going to be sold or transferred to another retailer.


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