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Questioning Jewish Priorities

The article “Jews Choose Trump Names Eastern PA Director” (Jan. 9) heightened my concerns about the priorities of some Jewish residents of the United States. Here we have a group of people who put Israel’s well-being ahead of that of their own country and the rest of the world. I am sure they would argue that America will survive no matter who is president. But Israel might not.

This is as wrong-headed as it gets.

The Democrats have never and will never abandon the Jews or Israel. Barack Obama never did, nor did Hillary Clinton. But these leaders refused to stand by and watch Israeli leaders do things they felt would be harmful to Israel and the cause of peace. This is what good friends do. They are honest with their pals even when they don’t agree with them.

Donald Trump’s gifts to Netanyahu and friends will never further the cause of peace. Those who shower us with gifts are not our friends, and I would worry when the day will come when we will be abandoned by such people.

It does not matter what history says about us. History is often wrong. But it does matter what God says, and I am certain that God will never smile upon those who support a liar, fabricator and leader who has abandoned his country’s political, social and economic norms for his own benefit.

Frank L. Friedman | Philadelphia

Some Other Republican?

With regard to “Jews Choose Trump Names Eastern PA Director” (Jan. 9), I wonder, are there no Republicans who could stand for the values espoused by Jews who are for Donald Trump who are also ethical, moral, knowledgeable and decent?

I wonder how Phyllis Zemble explains to her children and grandchildren a president who lies regularly (as proven by videos), eliminates safeguards that protect health care, water and voters’ rights, not to mention humanitarian concern for immigrants, climate denial and engages in infantile name calling. Are Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and Rudolph Giuliani also respected by Zemble’s organization?

I wonder how dangerous it is for Israel to become the partisan issue it has become lately, rather than a security issue of great importance to the United States, no matter who is president. I wonder how we can support the destruction of relationships with allies and the loss of our leadership role on the international stage.
Surely, there must be other Republicans we could support and be proud to call our president.

Bonnie R. Slobodien | Philadelphia


  1. Those among us who “put Israel first” are NOT putting Israel first by supporting Trump.

    Trump does not care about Israel. Nor does he appreciate the values and history of the Jewish people or the great Democracy that is the USA, which our grandparents so proudly represented. Everything Trump does is without thought and aimed at stoking the same level of prejudice that has placed the Jewish people in danger since time immemorial.

    The very notion that “the Jews are for Trump because of Israel” places the Jewish community AND Israel in a bad light. The truth will come out, and our Jewish community needs to stay on the good side of history, where we’ve always been.


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