Jewish Relief Agency Celebrates Annual Event to End Hunger

JRA staff and board members
Back row, from left: Marc Felgoise, Brett Felgoise, Ben Cooperberg, Dan Dressler and Bruce Dorsey. Middle row, from left: Liz Shaid, Erika Perilstein, Jordana Cooperberg,
Hani Dressler, Jennie Nerenberg, Hannah Dorsey, Halle Levinson and Cara Levinson.
Front row, from left: Daniel Erlbaum, Marc Erlbaum, Jodi Roth-Saks, Greg Jaron and Rabbi Menachem Schmidt (Photo by Brad Gellman)

Jewish Relief Agency celebrated its Annual Event to End Hunger at The Crystal Tea Room with the theme of “Recipe for Raising a Mensch.” JRA’s executive committee is pictured below, with the host committee.


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