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Rabbi’s Opinion Piece Too Promotional

I am not a member of Melrose B’nai Israel Emanu-El, but I have attended services there many times and find the community to be warm and welcoming. Although I can’t disagree with anything Rabbi Charles Sherman stated in his opinion piece (“Why Melrose Works,” Oct. 10), I question when an op-ed became an opportunity to be a marketing piece for any congregation.

What will then stop us from marketing other items in this column? Perhaps the Jewish Exponent wants to offer a new section, allowing a different congregation each week to describe their synagogue in detail. But using an op-ed for that purpose was inappropriate, in my opinion, pun intended.

Anne Rubin | Elkins Park

Cantors Should Have Amazing Voices

I read with interest your article on cantors (“The Cantorate’s Future Is Bright at Hebrew College,” Oct. 10). Our family streamed the High Holiday services at Park Avenue Synagogue in New York. There we could hear the lush “operatic” voices that we craved. We are not uplifted spiritually with mediocre everyday voices. We want to hear spectacularly amazing voices.

My husband and I both grew up with talented, gifted cantors who really made High Holidays uplifting. Kol Nidre in the hands of a spectacular cantor is an experience not easily forgotten. Everybody cannot be a football player or a doctor or an astronaut. All of us have different talents to share with the world. Just because you want to sing doesn’t mean you can sing.

Ann Krauss | Havertown

Ad Not Appropriate for Exponent

As a member of the Jewish community, I was upset to see an advertisement for the Episcopal Academy in the Jewish Exponent. I understand that advertising dollars are important but really? There may be some underlying legal reason why the newspaper cannot say no to an ad but — the Episcopal Academy, really?

My wife Cindy and I made the commitment to send our children to Jewish day school. This may not be the right choice for every child or every family, but advertising Christian schools in the Jewish Exponent is simply wrong.

I am very aware that many Jewish families choose Quaker schools and other Christian-origin schools for their children. I understand that they have good academic standards and provide a good education. But we should be shocked and ashamed as a community that there are more Jewish children in Quaker and other Christian Schools than there are in Jewish day schools.

The Jewish Exponent should politely decline advertising from the Episcopal Academy and do everything possible to promote Jewish learning in day schools and synagogue-based Hebrew schools. Without it, more and more children and families will slip away from our cherished and fought-for heritage as Jewish Americans.

Matthew I. Hirsch | Wynnewood


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