Letters | Millennials, Omar and Reality TV


What About Klal?

Regarding the op-ed about millennials (“Why Millennials Are Opting Out of Synagogue,” Aug. 8), while I understand the author’s personal style of commitment to being Jewish, I have major issues with the conclusion about millennials.

How will they educate their children if they do not become part of a synagogue? Will they have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony? (By the way, Bar Mitzvah is not a verb). Will they only go to a tutor for Torah and Haftorah training, then focus on the party, and skip the rich ethical and values-based lessons? Will they home-school the children in Jewish history and tradition, or is that education not needed, so long as the parents teach morals and values? Do they send their children to public, private or prep schools, or do they home-school them?

The author cites the many community-based organizations that helped to mold his Jewish identity. Will their children understand the importance of having a klal, a community of kindred minds and thoughts for support in times of both celebration and need? I know of many of my contemporaries whose parents did not think it necessary to instill a Jewish education in their children. Therefore, they grew up with neither knowledge nor impetus to pass anything along to their children. These become a lost generation to Judaism.

Marvin Fellner | Coral Springs, Florida

Millennial Style Embraced By Dad

My dad, Robert Brodsky (who thinks I’m a 50-year-old millennial), mailed me the article about millennials and says he’s not going to shul on Yom Kippur. He’s going to a park with some Rambam and Rashi. Tell the writer, Max Weisman, good work!

Adam Brodsky | Fishtown

Focus on Omar, BDS Misplaced

This 76-year-old leftist wonders why so much energy is directed in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s direction (“Don’t Counter Racism With Racism,” Aug. 1). It only magnifies her opinions. It does nothing to change anything. BDS has been blown all out of proportion to their influence. As to views about Israel by college students and others, they see the union of Trump and Netanyahu. Our focus needs to be on getting rid of the racist, anti-Semitic Trump, someone who has power.

Myron Bassman | Center City

Religion and Reality Shows Don’t Mix

I’m a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, and have zero interest hearing the contestants discuss their faith (“My Final Rose,” Aug. 8). Jews are less than 3% of the U.S. population, and those with active faith lives less than that. There are plenty of online resources for Jews discussing their faith and practices. The last place I want to see it is on The Bachelorette.

Moriah Levin | South Philadelphia


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