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Tobin Op-ed on Concentration Camps Missed Mark

In his column (“Why Disingenuous Holocaust Analogies Matter,” June 27), Jonathan Tobin refers to those who use the term “concentration camps” to describe the detainment of migrants at our southern border as disingenuous. But it is Tobin who is disingenuous.

He conveniently ignores that FDR, Harry Truman and other officials used that term to describe the camps where U.S. citizens of Japanese descent were imprisoned by our government during World War II. In fact, Truman used the term long after the horrors of the Holocaust had been revealed, knowing full well the implications of his choice of words.

The fact is, there are brutal concentration camps and those that are less oppressive. But the inconvenient truth is that when you concentrate specific groups of people in camps and deny them due process, you have concentration camps. And when you forcibly separate children from their parents and imprison them, you are brutal.

Charles Smolover | Wynnewood

Tobin Op-ed Was On Target

How wonderful it was to read the Jewish Exponent this past week, especially the op-ed by Jonathan Tobin (“Why Disingenuous Holocaust Analogies Matter,” June 27).

Finally there’s a journalist who can state all the arguments for the subject of concentration camps. It was so exciting to me that there are some talented writers out there that are not afraid to pick up for the Jewish side of the picture.

I am so tired of “leftist” Jews who go out of their way to apologize if Jews complain about being blamed for being sensitive when it comes to words that describe the killings that went on by the Nazis and what takes place along our Southern border. I extend my thanks and wish there were more like Jonathan Tobin.

Mike Cooper | Philadelphia

Holocaust Comparisons Difficult to Make

The danger of comparing any inhumane act to the Holocaust is it ignores its comparative scale, which makes the AOC statement (“Locals React to Ocasio Cortez’s ‘Concentration Camps’ Comparison,” June 27) seem hyperbolic.

However, what Trump is doing to these people does fit the dictionary definition of putting them in concentration camps. There are mass arrests of ethnic minority groups, without trial, placing them into overcrowded, unsanitary makeshift prisons where families are separated and many children have died.

I don’t wish to dehumanize any Holocaust survivor or the memories of those who died, but can’t we as a human community be united in defense of those calling out the powerful for treating the powerless inhumanely? That is a good way to retain the humanity of all victims, past, present and future.

Larry Arata | Havertown


  1. Mr. Arata, you’re leaving out context and you’re using loaded language when you compare the conditions at the detention camps to “concentration camps.” Forget the dictionary definition of concentration camp; people don’t walk around with dictionaries. AOC used that term to compare our attempt to stop the 100,000-plus per month invasion at our border to Nazi death camps. She did so to make some of, really many of us, to think of this president as the equivalent of Adolf Hitler. Surely you’ve heard this blood libel before since it’s been used over and over by the Democrats, the media and by those who simply hate him. Comparing the horrors and murder of 6 million people to the conditions at the detention camps is beyond absurd; it’s despicable. The powerless, as you call them, are swamping our border, which leaves us two options: either let them enter by the millions or set up the most humane centers possible, under these drastic circumstances. AOC’s lie, that the women in these camps were forced to drink toilet water, was designed as bait to attack Trump and the integrity of our border. You swallowed that bait hook, line and sinker. The real culprit here is the Democratic Party’s sanctuary cities, Democratic presidential candidates promise to allow anybody who gets across the border to stay, free medical care and the promise to decriminalize the crossing of our border.


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