Miles Samson England


Courtney (née Soloff) and Josh England, along with big sister, Layla Jules and big brother, Benjamin Sawyer of Warrington announce the birth of their son, Miles Samson (Melech Rafi), on May 3.

Sharing in their happiness are great-grandmother Rita Rhodes; grandparents Andi & Ron Soloff and Lisa and Levi England; Aunt Heather and Uncle Adam Soloff, Aunt Kim and Uncle Michael Kushner, Aunt Danielle and Uncle Matt Soloff, and Aunt Sydney England; and cousins Ava, Abbey, Justin, Marley, Max, Andrew, Remi and Samantha.

Miles Samson is named in loving memory of his maternal grandmother, Millie Barash, and his paternal grandfather, Sanford Rhodes. Miles’ Hebrew name is in loving memory of his paternal grandmother Rose Soloff.


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