Letters | Cemeteries, Campus Anti-Semitism and Moral Relativism


Adopt a Cemetery

I’m excited to see Congregation Mikveh Israel fundraising to repair the cemetery at Ninth and Spruce streets (“Mikveh Israel Fundraises to Repair Historic Cemetery,” Eric Schucht, May 2, 2019). Why don’t more synagogues undertake this task? It’s a disgrace our relatives and friends have to perish and face lack of attention and care from the places where they rest supposedly in peace. Maybe synagogues could adopt a cemetery and do this mitzvah to help the families care for their loved ones with the dignity and grace they deserve.

Rhonda Newmark-White | King of Prussia

Preparing Our Kids

Long overdue article (“Response to Resurgent Campus Anti-Semitism Too Weak,” Andy Gotlieb, April 18, 2019). I also blame the synagogues for not realizing the importance of preparing and educating our kids for the anti-Israel and anti-Semitism that is out there. A major shift in education must change. Also, we must insist on good Holocaust education in the public schools.

Sara Lefton Koval | Cheltenham

On Not Taking Sides…

Even in your article (“Looking at the Mirror, and Finding the Enemy Within,” Joshua Runyan, May 2, 2019) you point blame to Trump while giving him credit for his outreach.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Trump may be uncouth by your standards and not diplomatic, but he is no hater and never was one. Right-wing groups who do not like our kind hate him no matter how the media (and you) choose to spin it. They always hated him purely because of who his daughter is married to.

Stop. Just stop.

This moral relativism should also end. It is undeniable both extremes have problems with anti-Semitism. But only one side is constantly given a platform, given excuses or is justified by claims that anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism. News flash: It is.

The right-wingers are quite rightly shunned and ignored. Their websites are shut down. Their access to online funding is shut off.

Not so much for the left. So do not pontificate that by pointing out differences we are part of the problem. Instead, by sweeping under the rug people you may politically favor and then blaming your opposition for doing what you do (and they actually do not), you are part of the problem.

Dimitry Kaplun, Esq. | Philadelphia



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