Sderot Residents Among Wounded in California Synagogue Shooting

Almog Peretz in hospital bed
Almog Peretz was wounded while saving several children during a shooting in the midst of Shabbat-morning services on the last day of Passover at Chabad of Poway, Calif., on April 27, 2019. (Facebook via
Speaking from his hospital bed, Israeli Almog Peretz attributes his instinct of protecting children to years of running to shelter from Gaza rockets in his hometown of Sderot in southern Israel.

Two of the victims of Saturday’s shooting at the Chabad synagogue in Poway, California, were former residents of the rocket-beleaguered Israeli town of Sderot, and had come to America for respite from the fear of attacks.

On the last day of Passover, 19-year-old John Earnest entered the synagogue of Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein and opened fire on worshipers with an AR-style rifle. Jumping in front of Rabbi Yisroel’s son, Rabbi Mendel Goldstein, 60-year-old Lori Gilbert-Kaye was shot and killed.


  1. News reports say John T. Earnest was the only one responsible for this vicious act. Not true. Whether it was the internet, or some news media, others were indirectly responsible for causing this individual with a scrambled mind to do such a thing. We must find out everything, even if it involves the FCC blocking certain websites that stimulate sick minds.


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