Harvey Goodstein Charitable Foundation Impacts Two Key Programs


Are you interested in making an impact on your Jewish community during Pesach?

Thanks to the generosity of the Harvey Goodstein Charitable Foundation, your gift to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia can have a resounding effect on two of our most important programs: The Mitzvah Food Program and Israel360.

“We have done matching gifts in the past and we have found them very effective,” said Sandra Goodstein, a member of the Harvey Goodstein Charitable Foundation. “The idea is not to get just one donation from our foundation, but to encourage others to contribute in a different way. Through both of these grants, we hope we can inspire other people to give in an ongoing way.”

Thanks to this unique generosity, for every $2 donated to the Mitzvah Food Program, the grant will match $1. This match is applied to both new and incremental gifts to the program and will be matched up to $50,000.

The grant is intended to help reduce or eliminate entirely the waitlists at our five Mitzvah Food pantry locations. This will help fulfill the Jewish Federation’s goal to ensure that all families and individuals in need of nutritional assistance will be serviced.

The Goodstein Foundation will also provide a dollar-to-dollar match to every contribution made to Israel360 programming.

Israel360 introduces young professionals to multiple perspectives on Israeli current events, trains them to advocate for Israel and prepares them to use their learning experiences to speak on Israel´s behalf when they return from a 10-day mission to Israel every summer.

Contributions to Israel360 will help to keep the year-long programs fresh and innovative. It will enable the Jewish Federation to continue to subsidize the majority of the trip’s costs, allowing for all interested young professionals to participate and engage with Israel.

For the Goodstein Foundation, these grants are both a way to further their connection with the Jewish Federation and to honor the legacy of family members.

“We’ve supported the Jewish Federation for quite a few years,” Goodstein said. “We were looking to support the Jewish Federation in a bigger way, and these two programs really touched our hearts, and we knew it would touch the hearts of our family members who are no longer with us.”

If you already make a gift to the Jewish Federation, we thank you for your generosity, and hope you will consider an additional gift to help us meet this match. You can donate to the Mitzvah Food program matching grant by visiting jewishphilly.org/mitzvahfoodmatch. You can donate to the Israel360 match at jewishphilly.org/israel360match.


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