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New Editor Too Left-Wing, Not Attentive to Hamentaschen

I was appalled, astonished and, even more, saddened and scared that in the March 14 issue of the Jewish Exponent there was no mention of the recent events that had occurred in our country’s capital. You cannot imagine how I waited all week to see how our community would respond to the ugly words we heard in the halls of Congress, words triggered by even uglier words from a duly elected representative, Ilhan Omar. But not a word.

If this is what it means to be Jewish in Philadelphia, I might have to be counted out. I can’t abide those who claim any leadership capacity while remaining silent. What has happened to you? Have you no responsibility to speak up when things are amiss? Or are you too Democratic (as in Democratic Party members) that you fear repercussions?

And, to add insult to injury, imagine the shock when I read it’s recommended I bake “cookies” and not hamentaschen (“Cookie-Making for Purim with Young Bakers,” March 14)! Hey, at least include hamentaschen as an alternative. Are you going to recommend challah baking for Pesach?!

Linda S. Herman | Philadelphia

New Editor Too Right-Wing, Getting Old

Years ago, when I was regularly reading Liz Spikol in the Philadelphia Weekly, I could not have imagined that 1) a time will come when she’d be the editor-in-chief of the Exponent (congrats for that!) and 2) that when she’d publish an article written by the former mayor of a West Bank settlement, she’d refer to that settlement as “Shiloh, Israel.”

Since I do not recall ever seeing such a blatantly right-wing statement in the Exponent other than inside an opinion piece, this merits a “wow.” I guess it’s true what they say about what happens to many of us when we get older …

Ben Joseph | Philadelphia

No Foolin’ This Time

Re: the Exponent’s 2019 Purim spiel [March 14], when I was a kid growing up in Wynnefield in the ’50s, I came across the name of Hubert Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Jr. in the phone book. Friends and I would occasionally prank call him and then hang up. His name appears to have been several letters longer than Ms. Rubinitvitzkyman-Satzbergerkatzbaum — and had no hyphens.

Jay S. Rosen | Boca Raton, Florida


  1. I was listening to Jessica Tarlov speak about why Jewish people don’t support President Trump. This was right after Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared together on TV and Trump recognized Golan Heights as Israeli territory.

    Never before has there been a president who has done so much to support Israel and the Jewish people. Yet Tarlov stated most Jews see him as anti-Semitic. Really? She further stated that one reason was that Trump and the GOP have criticized George Soros as though he was a hero of the Jewish people. Soros, aka George Schwartz, traveled with his Nazi friends in order to serve papers that confiscated Jewish property in Hungry sending them to ghettos and then concentration camps. When questioned on video, he demonstrated no remorse whatsoever and actually said it was one of the most exciting times of his life. Soros is quoted as stating “The culmination of my life’s work will be the destruction of America.” He is working hard at that with the help of the Democratic Party and the Jewish liberals who demonstrate more allegiance to Liberalism as their religion than G-d.

    The Democrats have a long history of being on the wrong side of people’s rights whether enslaving African- Americans (Democrats opposed both the 13th and 14th Amendments that the Republicans passed to end slavery and to give former slaves citizenship), Andrew Jackson and the Democrat Party imposed laws that resulted in taking away the land of Native Americans. Today, we have a rise in anti-Semitic remarks coming from members of the Democrat Party that the House Speaker refuses to denounce as anti-Semitic. And we are calling Trump anti-Semitic.

    I now believe there are more Christians than Jews who support Israel. I believe it was David Horowitz who stated that some of today’s Jews are really Democrats with holidays. They defend those who want to destroy us and condemn those who support and defend our heritage. That’s OK because G-d stated, “I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. It appears Trump is a blessing to Israel. Let G-d decide the rest.


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