Israel Briefs: Forbes Names 21 Israeli Billionaires and More


Jewish, Arab Women in Israel Marrying at Older Ages; First Childbirth Age Increases, Too

Women living in Israel are waiting longer to get married and give birth, according to a new study by the nation’s Central Bureau of Statistics, reported.

For example, only 51.5 percent of Jewish women 25 to 29 in 2017 were married, compared to 55.1 percent in 2006.

For Arab women of the same age, the 2017 numbers dropped to 74.4 percent married versus 79.6 percent in 2006

Meantime, 9.5 percent of Jewish woman 45 to 49 identified as single, an increase from 5.9 percent the decade before. For Arab women of the same age, 11.9 percent were single, compared to 10.5 percent in the past.

And the average woman first gave birth at 27.6 years old in 2017, compared to 26.8 percent in 2006.

Report: Israelis Waste Nearly $900 in Food Annually

The average Israeli family throws out about $890 worth of food annually, which is about six weeks of a household’s food consumption expenditure.

That’s according to the Fourth Annual Food Waste and Rescue Report issued March 5 by Leket Israel in partnership with BDO.

The report said 2.5 million tons of food with a market value of $5.5 billion — 35 percent of all food produced — was discarded in Israel in 2018. Fruits and vegetables comprised a majority of the waste. Nearly half the food lost (1.2 million tons) could have been rescued, according to the report.

Still, the 23 percent wasted by Israeli households is less than the 28 percent wasted in the United States. In Europe, the waste was even less at 19 percent.

The report said the food loss impacted increased overall food prices by 11 percent.

Israel Home to 21 Billionaires

There are 2,153 billionaires in the world and 21 of them are Israelis — up three from a year ago — according to the 2019 Forbes World Billionaires list, reported.

And those 21 don’t include Israel’s richest person. That would be Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club, who is ranked 107th overall with $12.4 billion. Forbes listed him as Russian because he received his Israeli citizenship just 10 months ago.

Other Israeli billionaires include real estate, shipping and cruise-line magnate Eyal Ofer with $9.4 billion, industrialist and investor Stef Wertheimer at $5.7 billion and investor and philanthropist Shari Arison, who is Israel’s wealthiest woman, with $5 billion.

Israeli Spacecraft Takes a Selfie

Beresheet, the Israeli spacecraft headed for the moon, on March 5 took a “selfie” 23,364 miles from Earth, according to SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which are teaming on the mission.

The photo of Earth clearly shows Australia, as well as a plaque installed on the spacecraft that includes the Israeli flag and the words “Am Yisrael Chai” and “Small Country, Big Dreams.”

The spacecraft appears to be on track to land on the moon as expected on April 11. On March 7, Beresheet conducted a maneuver as it headed to an elliptical orbit 167,770 miles from Earth. During the maneuver, its main engine was fired for 2½ minutes. In two weeks, another maneuver is planned.


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