$182,000 Raised for Mitochondrial Disease Cure

From left: Ron and Debra Aronson, Breslow’s uncle and aunt;
Mayor Chuck Cahn; Alan Breslow, Breslow’s father; Sydney Breslow
and Sherri Breslow, Breslow’s mother

Cherry Hill, N.J. Mayor Chuck Cahn presented a proclamation to Sydney Breslow declaring Nov. 15, 2018 as Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Day at the second annual Cousins for a Cure fundraiser at the Woodcrest Country Club. The event raised $182,000 for the Logan Sloane Aronson Research Fund in honor of Cherry Hill native Sydney Breslow, who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at the age of 8.


  1. There s a lot of supplements for mitochondrial health. I take 20 supplements from a list of 27. I also take methylene blue, Buckminster Fullerton c-60, food grade hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, and DMSO.
    Some of the mitochondrial off the top of my head: berberine, Co Q 10, Forskolin, Milk Thistle, HMB, Magnesium, Boron, Liposomal Vitamin C I make myself using sodium ascorbate, not ascorbic acid, Omega 3, Astaxanthin and fulvic acid. A good quality bio available multivitamin is good. I also believe systemic enzymes like serrapeptase, papain, pancreatin, nattokinase, etc. during eating will improve bioavailability digesting food. My mother was Jewish. She passed 18 years ago from complications from Lupus. I wish I knew then what I know now about autoimmune diseases, etc. I am now 61.


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