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Organization Calling Out Hill Should Look in Mirror

Talk about the fendl calling the kesl shvarz (“Temple Is Actually Protecting Professor Hill,” Jan. 10). A Zionist Organization of America official denounces Professor Marc Lamont Hill for “rhetoric that is bound to sow resentment,” averring that “it is a fallacy that being anti-Israel and anti-Zionist is different than being anti-Jewish.”

This is the same group whose national president uses language such as “filthy Arab” and has slammed and questioned the intelligence of Harvard graduate Natalie Portman, which has gone out of its way to cultivate alt-right luminaries, such as the individual behind Pizzagate, and most recently, was reprimanded by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations for insulting other members of that umbrella group.

The real fallacy is that being pro-Israel and pro-Zionist automatically means being anti-Palestinian and/or Islamophobic.

Wojo Cohen | Cherry Hill, N.J.

Are We Really Anti-Immigrant?

The mistake the ADL and those on the left constantly make is stating there is an anti-immigrant sentiment in this country (“ADL Report: Anti-Immigrant Views Have Become Mainstream,” Dec. 27).

If we are so anti-immigrant, why do we accept more legal immigrants then the rest of the world combined? Why would they want to come here if we are so anti-immigrant? Why doesn’t the media (and the ADL) not differentiate between legal and illegal immigration when they report on immigration- related stories?

We can all agree that immigration reform is needed and neither party has done much to that end. But we also know some of the steps that can be taken. Many in the Democratic Party have said in the past a wall or the like is acceptable, but they have changed their tune since President Donald Trump’s election.

Matt Segal | Cary, N.C.


  1. Re ZOA: It should also be noted that “if someone said about Jews” what the ZOA’s principal financial sponsor “says about Palestinians, he’d be considered a Jew-hater in the same league as Farrakhan and Ahmadinejad.” (“Culture of Hate,” Haaretz 2014). The individual in question claimed that Palestinians were a made-up nation, depriving them of their identity, sort of like the way in which classic Christian teaching, defining itself as the “New Israel,” viewed Judaism — the “old Israel” — as now superfluous.

    Hill’s outburst is worthy of censure, but the ZOA is totally lacking in the moral credibility to do so.


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